Greg P, Buyer

Cynthia Radke assisted my family in the purchase of a townhouse in Flagstaff during the summer of 2016. Flagstaff has a challenging residential real estate market for buyers – the demand is very strong given the wonderful climate and proximity to Phoenix. I began searching for a second home in mid 2015 before meeting with Cynthia. This search on my own produced no results, disappointment and discouragement. During the summer of 2016 Cynthia showed me a condo near my daughter’s apartment in West Flagstaff. From that meeting I could tell that Cynthia was a professional with deep knowledge of the market in Flagstaff and, more importantly, a very well developed and considerate sensitivity to my needs, concerns and budget. We looked together for over 7 weeks and Cynthia showed me all properties that I found and wanted to view and also showed me other parts of Flagstaff and properties I had not considered. She was proactive, analytic, patient and also warm and considerate of my needs and the needs of our family. I would strongly recommend Cynthia for anyone considering a move to Flagstaff or an Arizona resident looking for a second home in Flagstaff. Her work on my behalf reflected a concern for her clients and her ability to integrate my needs and concerns with the realities of the Flagstaff market. In a separate review I will mention her colleague Gary McDonald who was a key part of my home search. The residential home market in Flagstaff is very challenging of buyers and the necessity of a seasoned, proactive and caring realtor is essential. Cynthia is this profession, I am so appreciative and grateful for her work on my part and recommend her. Without her assistance and guidance, my family would not have the wonderful second home that we just purchased in Flagstaff.